Monday, March 03, 2008

Lessons From the British Right

American conservatives take heed, pleads Andrew Ian Dodge:

The reason the various ilks of the right lost their foothold in
the Conservative Party is that they didn’t stick around enough to fight their
corner and keep their ideas in the mix. They allowed their frustration and angst
to get the better of them. They flirted with the various minor fringe parties of
the right like the Referendum Party and UKIP; in some case losing the
Conservatives seats that were held by similar minded Members of
Before they make the same mistake, the social and fiscal
conservatives in the Republican Party should ask themselves if they really want
to relinquish their party apparatus to RINOS/centrists for the foreseeable
future? Do they really think it would be a good idea to have Clinton or worse,
the socialist Obama in power for four or maybe even eight years?

I keep hearing Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives discuss why we need a "movement", but aren't we, the Children of Reagan, already a movement? McCain is just another part of the Revolution who we should monitor closely as we did with Bush (recalling Harriet Miers and border security) to ensure our views are still heard.