Saturday, March 29, 2008

Taking Money From Hollywood

Tinsel Town anti-war firms, which average about $5 million to make, are tanking at the box office. Inexpensive documentaries made by filmmakers actually in the warzone are far cheaper and praise the sacrifices of our troops. Here's what we all can do to help:

Are you willing to take on Hollywood and do something about the
ongoing flood of anti-war propaganda films?If you are, here is what you can
If you can afford to,
buy a DVD .
If you are a blogger, blog about the movie.
If you are a radio show
host, talk about the movie.
If you listen to local talk shows, call up and
tell the screener/producer about the movie. (I already do a lot of shows,
but there is no such thing as too many shows.)
If you are a blog reader,
email your favorite bloggers about the movie. Or, email your favorite
columnist/reporter about the movie.
My advertising budget is $0. We've
already ran out of money twice while making the movie.I depend on the
kindness of others to help promote the movie .I am
asking for your help. I can make a movie, but it takes people like you to
spread the word so people know it exists.

Some of these DVDs look pretty good!