Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Decapitating Al Qaeda

Despite reports to the contrary, Iraq is proving to be Al Qaeda's Vietnam, rather than America's. Story is from Strategypage:

Between mid-March and mid-April, al Qaeda suffered major losses in
Iraq. American and Iraqi troops killed or captured 53 al Qaeda leaders. These
include men in charge of entire cities (or portions of large cities like Mosul
or Baghdad), as well as men in charge of various aspects of terror operations
(making bombs, placing them or minding the bombers). Most important, nine of the
ten most senior men involved, were captured, and interrogated. This led to
locating more al Qaeda staff, and assets. Hundreds of weapons and explosives
caches have been discovered this year, as a result of interrogating captured
terrorists. The result has been a sharp fall in suicide bomber attacks,
and the ones still carried out are against soft targets...

Both Bush and Bin Laden has declared the Iraq front as the Center of the Terror War. Al Qaeda will likely be a force for years to come, but with such a dramatic failure within the Islamic heartland, their recruiting problems must be far worse than our own.