Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Tibet

I'm disappointed that the Right will support democracy movements around the world but not in the world's most populace country and potentially the next superpower China. Standing up for the liberty of Tibetans is the morale thing to do and could likely start a movement within the Peoples Republic to reverse the lost opportunity of Tienanmen Square in 1988. Then, the first President Bush failed to speak out boldly to condemn the communist crackdown on the infant student democracy movement, thus seeing yet another wall behind the Iron Curtain collapse.

I've a vague notion that our massive trade dependency with China (or are they more dependent on us?) is staying the necessary reproof, which we seldom fail to withhold from chronic rights' abusers such as Cuba, Russia, Iran North Korea, Venezuela, ect...

President Bush should use this cruel abuse of an oppressed race to raise the standard of freedom once again, and boycott the upcoming Olympic Games. The safety and security of Tibet should rise above the feelings of our athletes as well as our fear of upsetting an important trade partner.