Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gas Up 60% Under Democrat Congress

It appears Speaker Pelosi is a little out of touch, according to this in a email from Joe Eule of Freedom's Watch:

In a 2006 press release, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that
Democrats had a common sense plan to bring down skyrocketing fuel prices. The
average price for a gallon of gas when Democrats took control of congress that
November was $2.25 - a price that Pelosi and other liberals claimed
amounted to "price gouging". The average price of a gallon of gas today is now
up to a record $3.61, and in Speaker Pelosi's home Congressional district in the
California bay area, the price tops $4 a gallon.
Despite the price going up
$1.36 per gallon (that's 60%!) since Democrats took control of Congress 15
months ago, an out-of-touch Speaker Pelosi and Congressional leadership have
still not released this so-called common sense plan to bring prices under
control. Just last week in an interview with Larry King, Speaker Pelosi cited
the national average as being only $2.56.

I don't believe we will ever get over our need for fossil fuel. God put them there for a reason and we only need to dig a little deeper and perhaps a little farther out to sea to expand our domestic production. Only then can we cease helping to fund Islamic radicals and Latin American dictators.