Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Great Democratic Divide

Remember, it all began in 2008! Here's Victor Davis Hanson:

For the Democratic party, 2008 was supposed to have been an ideal
year...Now we can expect months more of infighting. As the Democrats raise tens
of millions to destroy themselves, McCain can only sit back and smile.

With Obama the likely nominee, we can also expect to hear more from, and
about, his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Reporters no doubt are scanning Rev.
Wright’s massive corpus of texts and DVDs for more hate speech.

Even before the Wright controversy, the Democratic vote had been split heavily along racial lines — whites for Clinton, blacks for Obama — in certain states,
including the all-important Ohio. That’s not a good sign for a party that’s
supposed to be a model of racial transcendence.

The Party of tolerance now sees their obsession with race and diversity inciting chaos. If the Right stands by McCain, hopefully the Dems won't take the country down with them.

Recently I wrote an Oped titled-The Democrats Crash and Burn, discussing the liberal turmoil.