Friday, April 25, 2008

Hillary in the Forge

Some in the media have declared that Hillary Clinton's continued persistence in the race for the oval office has been a needed learning experience for Barack Obama. Her tough and experienced form of campaigning is supposedly making a better candidate of the first term Senator from Illinois. My own view is the opposite is true, as Obama's own hypnotic, non-threatening, but ultimately empty speech making, as he's propped up by the fawning mainstream media and George Soros' war chest, has finally allowed Hillary to "find her voice" and her legacy. Early on the former First Lady has been accused of riding her husband coattails to the nomination. Who can say so now, when if anything Bill has been a thorn in her flesh, with the wife performing surprising victories often in spite of her husbands numerous gaffes in the Press?

We also saw an interesting side of Hillary Clinton during this weeks' Pennsylvania primaries that we haven't seen of late. We have been used to her stance since Barack Obama began rising in the polls of questioning the Iraq War, going so far as to label our military leaders as being dishonest on recent gains in the 5 year conflict. Now that her fortunes seem to be on the rebound, we see a more hawkish, more moderate side of the liberal Democrat.

Clinton's recent tough speech vowing to obliterate Iran, plus the Pennsylvania ad viewing her as a pro-military hawk in the tradition of Truman and Roosevelt is a welcome change. So, in her quest to be the polar opposite of her far-left opponent Obama, whose stated intent to negotiate with our enemies and punish America's allies is well known, we see a better, more rationale Hillary. Just as her husband sustained Democrats during a resurgent era of conservatism in the 1990's, this new Hillary might just be the antidote to the elitism many Americans see the Party has fallen into in recent years.