Thursday, April 24, 2008

LA Times: Is McCain Fit for Command?

Because he receives disability payments for having been tortured in Vietnam, the LA Times dares to question his fitness for service. The story is from FoxNews:

The Los Angeles Times is after John McCain, reporting that
while he boasts he is in robust health and can hike the Grand Canyon, he also
receives a 100 percent tax free disability pension from the Navy.
McCain has
said he receives a pension of about $58,000. He suffered extensive injuries when
his plane was shot down and he was tortured as a prisoner of war in North
Vietnam. He cannot raise his hands above his shoulders and walks with a slight
California tax lawyer Robert Schliemann tells The Times, "It is a
legitimate question to ask about the commander in chief: Is he fit to
serve?"...McCain senior adviser Mark Salter reiterated Wednesday that the
senator is in good health: "He is disabled from his war wounds which is why
receives the pension."

Here is the Times story. So in their view, this man would be unfit to serve in the high office:

Who led America through the Great Depression, fought and won World War 2, created the United Nations, and basically established the post-war world, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.