Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Light Carriers for the Marines

This brings a tear to my eye! Elp at Worldwide War Pigs want light CV's and Super Hornets for Marine Air:

Why bring up the light carrier? Because I am worried about the
Joint Strike Fighter known as the F-35,
being affordable and showing up on time. And I am
not worried about the United States Navy.
I am worried about the United
States Marine Corps. Specifically Marine-Air....One squadron of 12 F/A-18F Block
II, Super Hornets in USMC colors. Yup, USMC Super Hornets. Even though USMC is
still under the fantasy that F-35 will arrive on time: They need Supers. Even
then, the F-35 will never be a two-seat attack jet and... for USMC operations:
No amount of "sensor fusion" will make the single seat-only F-35 superior to ANY
two seat attack jet when doing USMC specific air support.

Sounds great, yet I fear after the USN gets ahold of the new CVL, it would be as costly as its current crop of supercarriers. So no real advantage gained.