Monday, April 28, 2008

The Man Who Sabotaged Barack Obama

The greatest piece of advice that Senator Barack Obama's pastor of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright never gave to his young protege, was to forget about their long and close association, at least until after the 2008 Presidential Election. Sadly, the advice wasn't given and Obama chose to stand by his man, whose racially charged sermons and anti-American point of view were the antithesis of the Senator's message of hope and reconciliation among people of all colors.

While Obama did eventually distance himself from Wright's more controversial statements, such as blaming whites for the AIDS virus and the US government for 9/11, he failed to sufficiently denounce the Reverend and prove to potential white supporters that all forms of racism was wrong, no matter who was espousing them.

Still, the numbers seem to favor the first black candidate with a realistic chance of becoming US President. His support is as strong as ever, as is fundraising which numbers tens of millions higher than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat. Yet, these same opponents have pounced on this new chink in Obama's political armor. Against Hillary Clinton especially, the frontrunner early on in this election cycle, he has been unable to "close the deal", with the former First Lady clinging desperately to his heel.

Though it is still early to say for certain, this could be the beginning of the end for the Press' favorite candidate: the demise of Barack Obama's aspirations to the White House. Jeremiah Wright, plus his elitist speech in San Francisco, followed by an embarrassing loss in Pennsylvania all suggest that the glory days are behind the Senator.

Meanwhile, Wright garners much attention and large funds at successive speaking engagements, while settling down in his church-funded million dollar mansion. Thus, while his young friend flounders in the polls, the Reverend is living the good life he once denied his followers to seek, the American Dream.
Perhaps this was his intent all along, to sabotage what was for Obama a clear path to the White House. How could he and his cabal of race baiters continue to rail against "the man", when one of their own was "the man"? Where then would Wright's legion of followers along with their monetary support go?