Friday, May 02, 2008

Breaking the Tyranny of the Netroots

Democratic leaders are rushing to appear on conservative leaning Fox News, and their liberal base are feeling cheated. From Politico:

The nation’s top Democrats are suddenly rushing to appear on the
Fox News Channel, which they once had shunned as enemy territory as the nemesis
of liberal bloggers. The d├ętente with Fox has provoked a backlash from
progressive bloggers, who contend the party’s leaders are turning their backs on
the base — and lending credibility and legitimacy to the network liberals love
to hate — in a quest for a few swing votes. In a span of eight days, Sen.
Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY.) and Democratic
National Committee Chairman Howard Dean are all taking their seats with the
network that calls itself “fair and balanced” but is widely viewed as skewing

I always felt the Netroots' boycott of Fox amounted to an assault on our liberties. From the Left you often get "agree-with-me-speech" rather than freedom of speech.