Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary and the Conservatives

Sen. Hillary Clinton's ongoing guerrilla war on titular Democrat nominee for the oval office, Sen. Barack Obama, is becoming a conundrum for many on the Right. Something which Conservatives take particular delight in is her "sticking it" to the Mainstream Media, who are constantly exasperated for her defiance of their chosen candidate Obama, a rookie politician at best who they have an odd affiliation for.

Hillary's continued defiance of those in the Democrat Party, who wish to have the nomination process over and done with so that they can get on with the business of attacking Republicans, is also of immense satisfaction to the latter. With the Left undergoing their own civil war, the GOP's nominee Sen. John McCain is looking more Presidential everyday to many in the country who are tired of the constant partisan nickering.

Then there is the support Clinton is garnering from the "vast right wing conspiracy" itself, talk show host Rush Limbaugh and his legion of radio listeners. Limbaugh has mobilized his forces under "Operation Chaos" to keep the often teetering Clinton campaign ongoing, apparently to continue the uncertainly within the Democratic Party up until the last possible moment.

Limbaugh's motives are suspect, however. He contends he is doing this for the good of the Republican Party, which is likely true. One has to wonder if his definition "of good for the Party" means a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Rush has made his views well known, especially earlier this year, that only a major Republican loss would get the Right back to the principles of Ronald Reagan. My own take on the Liberals winning both the White House and Congress is similar to Jerry Pournelle's:

The argument is to give the Democrats their head, and pick up
the pieces after the inevitable crash. I think that overlooks the resilience of
tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect regimes. We haven't seen much in
the way of reforms in Europe. The Democrats will create new bureaucracies that
can never be dismantled...

As to the war: if we give the Democrats full control of the
government, we won't get a sensible foreign policy: see Kosovo if you doubt
that. We may get a disengagement from Iraq: the price will be high, in blood of
those in Iraq who trusted us, and in honor. We may not. Disengaging from Iraq
will not be a simple matter. A gradual withdrawal won't work well: as we pull
out, the insurgents will be heartened. The result won't be pretty...I conclude
that McCain as president is a far lesser evil than Obama would be.

Then, there is John McCain himself, who insists on alienating the Right by his close ties with the MSM, refusal to attack Barack Obama on issues of substance, and repeating liberal talking points. Yesterday the "maverick" gave a major speech on Global Warming and all I could do is ask "why, with all the problems in the world from energy to war, must we get berated by one of our own with this new religion of the social elites?"

Still, in this year of resurgent Democrats, he may be our only alternative. Anything the far right has to offer seems such a long shot as giving us Ralph Nader for Al Gore in 2000, or Ross Perot for Bush #1 in 1994. The best choice is we have no other choice.