Friday, May 23, 2008

In the News...

Applying the Media's defense of Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright to justify President Bush's speech to the Israeli Knesset: The MSM used a single sound-bite (specifically the word "Appeasement"), took it out of context without reading the entire speech and launched their partisan attack on the President. Also, Bush has made hundreds of speeches without ever mentioning "appeasement", so he couldn't have been talking about Obama. See, it works both ways!

After watching so many Republicans join Democrats in overriding the President's veto of the swollen Farm Bill, John McCain is making a lot of sense these days. With liberals and conservatives hell-bent on bankrupting the country with earmarks and bailouts, the time is ripe for a fiscally responsible candidate like the "Maverick".

Despite calls from the Right for John McCain to accept a younger, more conservative Vice President to appeal to his base, it appears his running mate for the 2008 nomination might be Senator Joe Lieberman, or at lease should be. Both have become mavericks within their own parties, and concerning the fight against Radical Islam, share a like and clear vision.

John Kerry in 2004, and Hillary Clinton today are living proof on how not to run a campaign for President. Each started off with a moderate view on the war, then quickly flip-flopped when faced with criticism by a more liberal antiwar candidate (Howard Dean vs. Kerry, Obama vs. Hillary). Then too little too late they were forced back to the center when reality set in, that they must also appeal to moderates and independents to win the election, especially in this Age of Terrorism. By then the damage has been done. John McCain is sitting pretty.