Monday, May 19, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Second Term

Democrats claim that a John McCain presidency will be like George Bush's third term. Mark Noonan contends Barack Obama will fulfill Jimmy Carter's second:

While Jimmy Carter was wringing his hands and lecturing the
American people about taking the bus and obeying the speed limit, Ronald Reagan
was plotting a reborn American economy which would have the freedom from
government regulation and taxation required to adjust to the new energy
realities…and as we still live in the economic house Reagan built, even the
monstrous increases in oil prices - prices which killed the US economy under
Carter - have failed to push us over into a Carteresque “stagflation”
recession…Obama proposes more handwringing; and John McCain? He proposes
actually doing something about it…increasing our energy supplies, including the
construction of 20 nuclear power plants. McCain = Do Things. Obama = Worry About Things.

Actually a third Bush term might not be too bad. Winning the War on Terror, a pretty good economy considering we have been a war for 7 years, plus continually frustrating the Mainstream Media on why they can't influence national policy, as they will definitely do if their chosen candidate Obama is elected.