Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama's Elusive Patriotism

Barack Obama once again finds himself having to defend his patriotism to the country. How did we ever get to this point in America? Obama is continually forced to reassure the electorate, because of statements by his pastor, his wife, his own plans to talk to terrorist supporting states, that he will not sell this nation's security up the river if he becomes its commander in chief. His latest knee-jerk overreaction to comments President Bush made before the Israeli Knesset must only compound the continued doubts that the Democrat Senator has the stuff to defend America against her many foes. Listen to this latest criticism from Obama of President Bush:

(Bush and John McCain) need to answer for the fact that Al Qaida's
leadership is stronger than ever because we took our eye off the ball in
They've got to answer for the fact that Iran is the greatest
strategic beneficiary of our invasion in Iraq. It made Iran stronger, George
Bush's policies.
They're going to have to explain why Hamas now controls
Gaza, Hamas that was strengthened because the United States insisted that we
should have democratic elections in the Palestinian Authority.

This is the kind of blame America first that raises questions of Obama's judgement. Instead of blaming the terrorists, the radicals who blow up innocent civilians including women and children without compunction, the democrat frontrunner blames America's leaders and her policies. We have to wonder if a future President Obama is faced with another terrorist attack on a US city on the scale of 9/11, 2001, where over 3000 innocents died in the Twin Towers and Pentagon, would he respond with military force or with regrets and apologies for "George Bush's policies"?

More-His own Party is helping much either:"House Democrats Reject Troop Funding" and "Joint Chiefs Chair Admiral Mullen says the funding must be provided within days, or the Pentagon will be forced to begin sending layoff notices."