Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Surge into Afghanistan

If this pans out, it could mean doom for the Taliban. I sense Petraeus behind this, from the NY Times:

The Pentagon is considering sending as many as 7,000 more
American troops to
Afghanistan next year to make up for a shortfall
in contributions from
NATO allies, senior Bush administration officials
They said the step would push the number of American forces there to
roughly 40,000, the highest level since the war began more than six years ago,
and would require at least a modest reduction in troops from Iraq.
planning began in recent weeks, reflecting a growing resignation to the fact
that NATO is unable or unwilling to contribute more troops despite public
pledges of an intensified effort in Afghanistan from the presidents and prime
ministers who attended an alliance summit meeting in Bucharest, Romania, last

With the Iraqi's beginning to stand up for their own defense, the offensive begun there by Petraeus and company can now turn the full force of American arms on this last bastion of Osama Bin Laden. Actually, the Surge there already has begun, with some 2300 new Marine forces added recently.