Monday, January 09, 2006

Churchill Kills the Tyrant

This article details what the great British Prime Minister wanted to do to Hitler, and what he would do to terrorists:

The cabinet scribe recorded in his notebook that Churchill had announced to the meeting: "If Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death like a gangster. This man is the mainspring of evil. Instrument -- electric chair." In a macabre addition, he noted that they could hire the electric chair from the US under lend-lease!
Once again, in that staccato style for which he was famous, Churchill got his view across very smartly and left no room for doubt about what he meant: if you are facing evil, you kill the tyrant.

And of course, today's media is in shock:

As you would imagine, The Guardian in Britain was first off the mark to say the cabinet notes showed that Churchill was "ruthless". And other media outlets have added that he was actually "prepared to override moral and legal considerations to defeat Germany".

Heaven forbid that Churchill wanted to win the war at any price. Heaven forbid that an innocent victim, defending himself, should abandon the moral and legal principles that the aggressor has no intention of imposing on himself.

Read the whole thing and learn why we can't fight a "kindler gentler" war against the new fascism.