Thursday, April 27, 2006

The General Revolt: Revelations Continue

More facts unfold about the recent Revolt of the generals. This is about the Center for Defense Information, from JR Dunn:

During the 1970s, according to the Heritage Foundation, the CDI opposed the B-1 bomber, the cruise missile, the MX ICBM, nuclear weapons modernization, and U.S. bases in the Indian Ocean and the Philippines. No Pentagon budget, not even the anemic amounts of the 70s, was low enough for the CDI. Fears of growing Soviet strength were dismissed, particularly involving Soviet naval expansion...

Despite losing most of its battles, the CDI grew in influence, becoming one of the behind-the-Beltway-scenes organizations that not so much as sets the agenda as creates the context for policy debates...The CDI has become the go-to source for military topics. Most reporters never bother to quote any other.

Here's where the Generals come in:’s a shock to see a man of Anthony Zinni’s stature listed on the organization’s website as “distinguished military fellow”...Readers of this site will realize that little is new in Zinni’s recent charges. In fact, Zinni retailed the entire package at a CDI banquet in 2004, minus only the demand that Donald Rumsfeld resign. The only other novel point is that a half-dozen other officers have joined him.

Thanks to John Burtis for the tip.