Wednesday, September 13, 2006


France Tests Europe's First Long-Endurance Surveillance Drone. So they can stay far away from trouble!

Joint Common Missile Gets New Life. Raised from the dead!

Cruise Missiles Get Lethal. America finally gets a supersonic cruise missile with RATTLRS.

Air Force Plans JSF Cuts. Will any get built?

9/11 Photo Gallery. Never forget!

Israel praises UAV abilities in Lebanon. They really won, you know!

How 9/11 changed the Army. And the world!

Israel Upgrades BMD Plans. I've a feeling they're going to need an upgrade.

Brown Water Team Trains for Iraq. The new swift boaties get serious!

Marines Fight to Keep Battleships. Leathernecks versus the beauracracy.

First Lady Commissions USS Texas.

Fire On Russian Nuclear Submarine Kills Two. Getting to be a habit.

Marines Want LCS. Are they starting their own fleet?

Chinese warships visit Pearl Harbor. Hope they aren't making plans.

Israel Lifts Naval Blockade. Terrorist breath a sigh of relief.

State of the Russian Surface Fleet. It isn't good.