Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Republicans Choose Quantity over Quality

They are more interested in keeping Congress than reforming it. This is from the Washington Times:

Sen. Lincoln Chafee, with the backing of the national Republican Party, last night secured a solid victory over conservative Republican challenger Stephen Laffey in the most closely watched race on a night when nine states and the District held primaries. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the liberal Mr. Chafee had 34,042 votes, or 54 percent, to 29,431 votes (46 percent) for Mr. Laffey, the Cranston mayor who was backed by the free-market advocacy group Club for Growth...

"Chafee, to me, is a Democrat in a Republican jacket," said 37-year-old Michael Camardo of Cranston, who supported Mr. Laffey. Mr. Camardo said Mr. Chafee probably has a better chance of winning in November, but added, "I have to vote my conscience." But Mr. Chafee, known for his maverick stands against President Bush and his party, retains support in this Democratic state where most voters register as independent -- known locally as "unaffiliated."

Actually, it was quality on issues which gained them the Congress in 1994. Remember the Contract With America? Then they attack Katherine Harris in Florida who saved theirs and the country's butts in 2000. Reluctantly I quote something a liberal said "They came to change Washington, and Washinton changed them".