Friday, September 22, 2006

Refighting the Indian Wars

Yet another War on Terror comparison to an historical conflict, this one by James Atticus Bowden:
Our Indian Wars were a fight between American Civilization and many sub-cultures of Indian nations. They started in 1607 and ended in 1890. 283 years. That's the kind of war we are in now. American Civilization had a Magnificent Destiny to spread the American 'Empire' across a continent. The Indian cultures (they hadn't risen to civilizations yet), based on a Neolithic culture was so barbarian that Indians are referred to as 'savages' in our Declaration of Independence. Indian tribes and American Civilization could not co-exist in the same place and time.

Today, our Munificent Destiny is to protect the golden goose of capitalism and flame of freedom in our country and the Allies of the Willing. Our imperial responsibilities without imperial ambitions are to maintain zones of peace and security – which may become zones of prosperity and freedom. Unlike occupying a continent, our mission is to keep the Islamists out of our continent. Also, the U.S. must attack and destroy the Islamists on a case by case basis. Containing them in the Muslim world is vital until, and if, Muslims have their own Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, and, maybe, Great Awakenings. Or, until they convert to Christianity. This is a mission for decades, if not centuries.
I get this. We use force to tame an uncivilized culture. This time, not just a continent is at stake but the world.

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