Thursday, October 05, 2006

And They Call the Right Corrupt????

Mark Noonan posts examples of Democrat corruption you haven't heard much lately in the MSM:

1. Ted Kennedy, likely in a drunken stupor, drives off a bridge and kills a girl, and he's not only still in the Senate, but is considered a "liberal lion" among the left.

2. Congressman Gary Studds has sex with a minor and not only ignores the House censure, but goes on to stay in office for seven more terms.

3. Congressman Barney Frank has a male prostitute living in his apartment and yet he remains in the House as a respected leftwing Representative.

4. Congressman William Jefferson is caught with a $50,000 bribe in his 'fridge, and he's still in the House as a repsected leftwing Representative.

Corruption is OK when the Dems are doing it. They think they are victims of a corrupt society, remember?