Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Awakening in Iraq

Bill Roggio describes how former insurgent supporters are turning on their country's tormentors:

Awakening movements have now been effectively established in the
four provinces surrounding Baghdad. The Government of Iraq is funding the
military arm of the movements, and incorporating the local tribal forces into
provincial police forces. This movement is an integral part of the attempt to
secure Baghdad and the
outlying belts, where al
Qaeda and Sunni insurgents have established networks from which they launch
deadly suicide attacks inside the capital. The movements in Babil, Diyala, and
Salahadin are still in their infancy, and the Iraqi government and Multinational
Forces Iraq must take care to protect their leaders and support their efforts in
the military, political, economic, and reconstruction spheres.

Appears here the Awakening is spreading. With the Surge now given a decent chance for success, with the passing and signing of the Iraq Funding Bill, the future for democracy in the region has never shown brighter!