Friday, June 01, 2007


A few days late, but here we go:

The Future of Precision Munitions.

Israeli mobile bomb shelters.

Lockheed Martin's LongShot Torpedo.

Sikorsky X-49A compound helicopter funded.

Swedish Rockets for US Marines.

Russian Iskander MIRV As ABM Buster.

Marines Claim Best Body Armor.

Military Working on Cyborg Spy Moths.

Excalibur gets combat tested.

Video: A New Vehicle for an IED War.

David Vs. Goliath in Cyberspace.

Pt. 1-What country needs a strong navy?

Pt. 2-Canada Needs a Robust Fleet.

Falklands Flashback: Old Sub against the Odds.

Russia to Build New Aircraft Carrier.

Anti-ship SeaSparrow passes sea test.

New French Subs Named.

Navy to Christen Guided Missile Destroyer Truxtun.

How the Navy Bought a Lemon.

French Would Delay Brit Carriers.

Sea Services Take on New York.

The Navy's Mighty Little Cyclones.

China's Focus on Aircraft Carriers.