Friday, June 01, 2007

Demint Rejects Amnesty

So say we all! The SC Senator in his own words at National Review:

If Congress passes the current immigration bill being debated
in the Senate, President Bush will sign the legislation, and in so doing, offer
immediate amnesty to over 12 million illegal immigrants who currently reside in
our country. Bill supporters call it “probationary status,” but the effect will
be to give law breakers legal status and thus access to Social Security,
Medicare, some welfare services, and our court systems. And just like that, the
main purpose of this immigration bill will have been realized...

Additionally, this bill does not make English the official
language and does not require amnesty recipients to demonstrate any serious
English comprehension for 12 years.

Shame that its considered racist to require immigrants to speak the language of the nation their immigrating to.