Friday, June 08, 2007

America looking better everyday

Victor Davis Hanson is just back from Europe and has some thoughts:

I don’t think one would ever see a Secretary Rice or Attorney
General Gonzales as a German Foreign Minister or Greek Justice Minister. There
are of course blacks, Arabs, and Asians in Europe but they are mostly segregated
and gravitate into specialty restaurants, street hawkers, farm laborers or
sanitation workers. In this regard the multiracial nature of the United States
is truly remarkable, in that various races permeate the economic ladder and are
found in almost every sort of employment.

For all the talk of greenness and environmentalism, European roads and sidewalks have more trash and clutter than in the United States. No American state highway system would tolerate the garbage thrown out the window as is commonly done on the roadsides in Greece. No US train would have waste from the toilet falling directly on the tracks as I experienced in Germany. No construction company in New York or San Francisco would allow the sidewalks to be ‘bombs away’ debris zones of construction waste as was true in Italy.

Maybe the Left here and abroad wants America to go green because they realize we're the only nation who can effectively pull it off, if anyone can. I vote that every liberal in the US who wants to, should be allowed to live in the European country of their choice for a year and see which nation they would prefer, when it comes to paying taxes, health care, and just the basic necessities of life. I've a feeling they'd plead to get back home