Friday, June 08, 2007

Bush leads on Climate Change

According to Kimberley Strassel, the president played the G8 like a fiddle, and everyone danced:

There's been a capitulation on global warming, but it hasn't
happened in the Oval Office. The Kyoto cheerleaders at the United Nations and
the European Union are realizing their government-run experiment in climate
control is a mess, one that's incidentally failed to reduce carbon emissions.
They've also understood that if they want the biggest players on board--the
U.S., China, India--they need an approach that balances economic growth with
feel-good environmentalism. Yesterday's G-8 agreement acknowledged those
realities and tolled Kyoto's death knell. Mr. Bush, 1; sanctimonious greens,

The basic Kyoto philosophy is this: Set ever lower mandatory
targets, ratcheting down energy use, and by extension economic
growth...President Bush's approach is opposite: Allow economies to grow, along
the way inspiring new technologies and new forms of energy that lower C02
emissions. Implicit is that C02-control technologies should focus on energy
sources we use today, including fossil fuels. In Bush-world, the government is
there to incentivize industry, coordinate with it, and set broad

This is really an amazing victory, even as Bush detractors glory over their victory in blocking his Immigration Bill. Though climate change is real, capitalism isn't the cause, but the cure.