Friday, June 15, 2007

The Army gets Counterinsurgency

Small Wars Journal lists 10 key points from the military's new plan. Without the details here we go:

  1. Secure the people where they sleep.
  2. Give the people justice and honor.
  3. Integrate civilian and military efforts – this is an interagency, combined arms fight.
  4. Get out and walk – move mounted, work dismounted.
  5. We are in a fight for intelligence – all the time.
  6. Every unit must advise their Iraqi partners.
  7. Include Iraqi Security Forces in your operations at the lowest possible level.
  8. Look beyond the IED – get the network that placed it.
  9. Be first with the truth.
  10. Make the people choose.

It takes time to go from a tank centered force equipped to fight a similar armed threat, to one fighting suicide bombers which can appear from and disappear into the civilian populace. Looks like they're finally getting it right.