Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Climate Change in History

Its nothing new, declares Bruce Bartlett:

In the Middle Ages, people began recording the temperature and
climate-related phenomena, such as the dates when plants began to blossom
annually. They were aware of a warming trend that began around 900 and a cooling
trend that began around 1300. We know that during the warm period, the Vikings
established settlements in Greenland, where perpetual ice had previously covered
the land. Ancient Norse records tell us that these settlements were abandoned
after 1250, when falling temperatures made farming less viable and spreading ice
in the sea made transportation more difficult...
By the 17th century, it was
clearly apparent that a cooling trend was altering sea routes, and changing the
kinds of crops farmers could grow, fishing patterns and so on. Glaciers began to
advance rapidly in many places, and rivers that had long been ice-free year
round started to freeze in the winter. This "little ice age" continued well into
the 19th century. Since then, we have been in a warming cycle that appears to
have accelerated around 1950.

I don't believe now is the time to tear down our industries with so called "Green" legislation, but socialists have seized on a common occurrence of nature, as if it is a sign from the Gods that we must respect their Creation more, and force on us their once-discredited ideology. But its our industry that will save us.