Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is Wrong!!!!

I could see this coming, and here it is in the Washington Times:

House conservatives warn Bush of immigration's

Conservative leaders among House Republicans say that
President Bush's upcoming showdown with them on immigration could threaten
support for the Iraq war as well as for the president's other top policy
"The White House should keep in mind that if they have a direct
confrontation with House Republicans on [immigration], it could affect the vote
on the Iraq appropriation in September," said Rep. Peter T. King, New York
Republican. "It will not affect me. I intend to stand by the president. But I do
think it is something they should keep in mind for other Republicans who are

I'd have to question someones Patriotism, for stabbing our troops in the back like this, over a popular partisan issue. I want to seal the border too, but lets get Osama first, as well as the Iraqi's on their feet, or none of our petty bickering will save us.

Called as Seen says "conservatism left me".