Monday, June 04, 2007

Dishonest News

The MSM is extrmely upset with Democrats giving in on the Iraq Funding Bill, and are acting accordingly. This from the Tank:

The headline in this wire story — U.S. troop drive said faltering in Iraq — is
nothing less than destructive and utterly misleading. But for what
purpose?According to the story:

"U.S.-led forces have control of fewer than
one-third of Baghdad's neighborhoods despite thousands of extra troops nearly
four months into a security crackdown, a newspaper reported Monday - an
assessment that came as the U.S. casualty toll soared. But military officials
said they have warned all along that the fight would not be easy."

So not only is the headline misleading, but the story
itself suggests casualty figures have "soared," when they have not. They've
certainly increased as a percentage because of the increase in troop numbers on
the ground, and the aggressive offensive operations being conducted. But soared?
What frame of reference do these reporters have?

The Left seems to have forgotten that war actually means killing people. So, they were for the war until people actually dieing. Forget it that among the slain are the instigators of the worst terrorist attack in US history.