Monday, June 04, 2007

France gets tough on illegal immigration

John McCain take note, from the Boston Herald:

France set tough new quotas for the number of illegal immigrants
authorities should arrest and expel each month, the new immigration minister
said Monday.
Brice Hortefeux, who heads the newly created Ministry of
Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-Development, said a monthly
quota also would be set for ferreting out those employed in France illegally.
In a meeting with security officials, Hortefeux reiterated President Nicolas
Sarkozy’s goal of 25,000 expulsions by the end of 2007 - compared with 24,000 in
2006 - and set a year-end goal of 125,000 arrests for alleged illegal entry or
illegal residence, a ministry statement said. The number of those already
arrested was not immediately clear.

And they say we can't deport illegals here in the US. Little France putting us to shame.