Friday, June 29, 2007

Glenn Reynold's on Immigration

Instapundit has some good advice to lawmakers for next time:

(1) Make the process open, transparent, and timely, with hearings,
drafts on the Internet, and no last-minute bills that no one has read;
Earn people's trust, don't demand it, and treat enforcement like it
(3) Respect people who follow the law, and make legal immigration
easier, cheaper, and simpler, rather than the Kafkaesque nightmare it is
(4) Don't feel you have to be "comprehensive" -- address the problems
you can deal with first. The trust needed to deal with other problems will come
later, after you've shown some success and some good faith.

I think the first and second are key to why this Bill failed so disastrously. First, they tried to hurry it into law before anyone could read the thing. Second they lambasted and questioned the Patriotism of those who balked. But that's government for you, who think they know whats best for us, like the little naive children we are.

And Daily Pundit sees The World Turned Upside Down.

Did anybody besides me notice that all the critics of the Blowback has been attacking Talk Radio, with barely a mention about the bloggers' role in this? What are we invisible, or are they just blind?

Update: At least the WSJ cares! Interesting that the paper which is pro-business supported the Amnesty Bill, though not suprising.