Friday, June 29, 2007

Sea Links

Navy downplays chance of LCS cancellation.

America's Boomer Fleet.

Our Attack sub fleet.

Navy JSF Takes a Step Forward.

MASS decoy system for German Frigates.

The Three Amphibs.

Sea Fighter Seeks a Back Door.

The "1000 ship navy" in action.

Sharks "sniff out" submarines.

The power of the Navy.

Navy Ships Key to Missile Test Success.

Dutch Warship Gets Ship-Shape In Cornwall.

US to build Egypt Fast Missile Craft.

Germany to get 4 new frigates.

USS Stennis: The Trap Kings.

Russia will build nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

USS Destroyer Decatur is First to Shoot Down a Ballistic Missile.

Once the USS Trenton, ship flies a new flag - for India.

U.S. hosts 3 foreign navies in exercises off Atlantic coast.

Foreign Interest In New Littoral Combat Ships.

Iran's 1000 boat navy.

Landing Ships Outmaneuver Terrorists.