Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hamas' Self Destruction

Jules Crittenden is "cheering the terrorists on" as they commit hari kari in Gaza:

Already isolated before its henchmen started tossing Fatah members
off the roofs of Gaza, Hamas is now pleading for Arab “neutrality.” Egypt,
already active against smugglers, is moving to contain Hamas. Israel has
promised to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. But what Hamas did was turn Gaza
into a free-fire zone for the Israeli Army. There is no reason whatsoever for
Israeli restraint in crossing the border to excise the cancer, and no one who
can credibly raise an outcry against Israel when it does.Fatah, having lost,
immediately won Israeli and western financial and political support.

This was my view earlier, that Hamas in control of Gaza is not a disaster but an opportunity. The terrorists have shown their true colors, which makes them instant targets for the pro-democracy, anti-radical forces on the offensive world-wide.