Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why the UN Hearts Global Warming

Interesting insight from Strategypage:

...the real problems, the ones you can actually solve, like
corruption and poverty, get pushed into the background. Taking another long look
backward, we see that the cure for most of the world's ills are things as simple
as education and clean government. Where they occur, the population and poverty
problems are solved. So why doesn't it happen, especially at the UN? The answer
is simple, most of the countries in the UN are run by people who are the
corrupt. Bad government and corruption are very common, and the people running
these badly governed countries are not eager to reform themselves out of a job.
The UN exists to serve its members, and the one thing its members want to do is
stay in power.

Yes, the socialists who want to disperse the world's wealth, and make the North as impoverished as the South, have finally found a unifying cause. The thing is, China and India don't suffer from the same "Guilt" complex as the West, for colonialism, slavery, the crusades, whatever, so they and their booming economies get off scott free.