Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Taranis: UK's Giant UAV.

Predators in Paris.

Coast Guard considering drones to watch long coastlines.

Super Hornets at a bargain.

F-35 vertol ahead of schedule.

Incomparable US - UK Military budget/Power.

Next-generation Sky Warrior's maiden flight a success.

Army Recognizes Greatest Inventions for 2006.

World's Largest 'Virtual Battle'.

Europe's NEURON UCAV Program.

UAV Demonstrator Sharc Successfully Completes First Flight.

New Hot War, Old Cold Warrior.

Iraqi Air Force makes milestone landing at combat outpost.

Australia tests Mach 10 Scramjet.

More prisons to defeat terror.

Video: Assault Breacher Vehicle.

The Military's New Counterinsurgency Plan.

Giving new meaning to "stink bomb".

Success for Kinetic Energy Interceptor.

Flight Testing of Australian Wedgetail Aircraft.