Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Malaise Days Part 1

The Left is trying to restore the discredited policies from the 1970's, examples of which are detailed in this exert from the book The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister by John O'Sullivan, such as:

Appeasing Terror

The modern epidemic of terrorism had scarcely begun in 1970. That year, a secular Arab terrorist group seized four airplanes, landed three of them on Dawson's Field in Jordan, and threatened to murder the passengers unless their governments agreed to demands that included releasing terrorists from prison. Not only did Britain, West Germany, and Switzerland surrender to these demands, but they also put pressure on Israel to release terrorists whom the Israelis knew would immediately set about murdering more of their citizens-and not for the last time. In almost every terrorist crisis, European governments ignored and evaded their common institutions of anti-terrorist intelligence to reach quiet deals with the terrorists-usually on the latter's terms.

Fed in this way, terrorism grew steadily. By the decade's end, the victims of terrorism included Egypt's Anwar Sadat, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Aldo Moro (a leading Italian Christian Democrat), the West German banker Jurgen Ponto; the prime ministers of Jordan and Spain; U.S. ambassadors to Guatemala, Sudan, Cyprus, and Lebanon; and countless ordinary people who simply happened to be standing nearby when a bomb went off. To give some idea of the carnage inflicted by terrorism, Irish Republican terrorists alone murdered 944 people between 1969 and 1975, mainly in Northern Ireland but also on the British mainland.

Yet the Iraq Scapegoat Study Group says we should talk to terrorist-supporting states like Iran and Syria.