Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anti-War Message Hurting the Democrats

Not me saying this (this time) but Richard Cohen at the Washington Post:

The GOP is adept at painting Democrats as soft on national
security. It is equally adept at saying so in the most scurrilous way. And while
most Americans would like the war to end, they do not favor a precipitous
withdrawal and neither have they forgotten Sept. 11, 2001 -- the entirety of
Giuliani's case for the presidency, after all.
Will history trump the polls?
It will if, as in the past, the
Democratic Party so wounds itself
fighting the war against the war, it nominates a candidate beloved by a minority
but mistrusted by a majority.

Well, painting the Left as weak on defense didn't help the Right much in 2006, but the truth always wins in the end. And of course, the Left does its part to help. Right John, Nancy?