Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Enemy’s Attrition

You constantly hear all the bad in the news: the bombings, the beheadings, high gas prices, Rosie headed back to TV. Ever hear how the other side is doing? Victor Davis Hanson explains:

...some Sunnis are helping us in Iraq, but that they are being
urged to for the first time by those in the Arab world, who would prefer to see
the Iraqi government, rather than the terrorists, succeed...

With oil prices at an all-time high, Iran can't provide
gasoline for its own people, who resent the billions spent instead on Arab
terrorists abroad. If oil were to dip from near $70 to $50-55 a barrel, the
regime would face abject bankruptcy...

Syria for all its terror still can't overthrow the government
in Lebanon, but has managed the impossible: Not only does the Arab world seek to
isolate it, but France and the United States are cooperating to thwart it in

Hamas is high on victory in Gaza for now, but all it has
accomplished is to further concentrate its nexus of terror into one small
miserable — and quite vulnerable — locale in the midst of Jordan, Israel, and
Egypt, while sacrificing the Palestinians greatest advantage: deniability of

Both the resources of the United States and its enemies are
becoming strained, but so far they are rioting in oil-exporting Iran over
gasoline, not we in the U.S. Europe has gravitated more in the last four years
to our views than we to theirs...

Much more in this article from one of my favorite authors. Just remember, next time you hear how bad the war is going for the US, there's always 2 sides to every story.

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