Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things I wish TV Execs would say

I just read an article on Reuters that reveals how Networks hit new lows in grim weekly ratings. No shocker considering the junk we have to watch, but I think I have a solution for the Networks, and for the cable/satellite programmers as well. If only the Execs would make the following statement:

"Considering all the hundred of thousands of movies produced by Hollywood since the last century, we are determined to show all we can, instead of the hundred or so constantly repeated on each network.

Next, when we rerun old TV shows, we will dig deep into network vaults and give you shows which were good, not just the ones that garnered the most ratings during their first run, and are reshown on almost every channel, day after day, night after night.

We also will, on occasion, show classic black and white movies from Hollywood's Golden Era, reintroducing America's youth to the great actors of yesteryear, including Bogie, Gable, Davis, Stanwyk, and Stewart, and not just relgate them to a few obscure channels. Like eating vegetables, kids should be forced to watch such programming because its good for them and they may actually learn to like it.

Finally, we the TV Networks, vow to return to saner programming and censor our more base urges by keeping rated R programming off the prime time, meaning constant references to sex and foul language in the Family Hour. Though some may howl against this affront to free speech, you may recall that the best films from the Golden Era were produced under the auspices of the Hayes Code, including classics such as Casablanca, the Wizard of Oz, and Gone With the Wind.

Sincerely and with apologies for making TV so rotten the past few decades.

The Network Execs"

I can dream, can't I?