Friday, June 29, 2007

What's the difference in a battleship and a sub?

Can you tell the difference, boys & girls? Apparently the AP doesn't know. Funny story from Murdoc:

The U.S. Navy on Wednesday awarded a $29.8 million contract boost
to a unit of General Dynamics Corp. for maintenance and repair on the USS Texas
General Dynamics' subsidiary Electric Boat Corp. will provide
alterations and testing on the ship as part of an effort to correct deficiencies
on one of the oldest battleships left since World War I.

And then, a correction:

In a June 27 story about a $29.8 million contract awarded to a unit
of General Dynamics Corp., The Associated Press erroneously reported how the
money would be spent. It is for repairs on the active USS Texas submarine, not
the decommissioned USS Texas battleship.

This is as funny as mistaking Canadian troops for GI's!