Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5 Most Formidable Presidential Candidates

My own list, in terms of Likability, Power (ie. money, friends), and Experience:

1). Rudy Giuliani wins in the Experience category hands down, mainly for restoring law and order to New York City before 9/11, thus preparing it for the trials ahead. Rudy also wins top marks for Likability and scores favorably in Power.

2). John McCain is here mainly for experience and some Likability for his service to this country in the Vietnam War. He also gets top marks for his stand for Victory in Iraq, a gutsy move in today's political climate. If not for his support of Campaign Finance and Amnesty Immigration, McCain would be the top candidate for 2008.

3). Hillary Clinton makes the list mainly for Power, thanks to close ties to Hollywood, the Media, and rich liberal lobbyists. She does well in terms of experience, but lowest in Likability. She would place 2nd save for her waffling on her Iraq vote, and might be first if her name wasn't Clinton.

4). Mitt Romney scores well on Experience and Likability. He does less well in Power since Americans know little about him except that he's a Mormon. Maybe next time, Mitt!

5). Fred Thompson finishes out the Top 5 strictly for Likability, though this might change if he actually starts running. He has the least experience of all candidates in the Top 5. Amazing that he even made the list.

Honorable mention goes to Mike Huckabee who won 2nd in the Ames Straw Poll, who's another unknown, and Barak Obama, who might have made the list if he would just stop speaking.