Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Petraeus' Challenge

Columnist Hugh Hewitt weighs in on America's Man in Iraq: other American general has ever been tasked with such an
assignment in our history --to both win the war and persuade the public that the
American forces are doing just that. The deep political division in
America has made it almost impossible to conduct the argument much less persuade
a war opponent of the need to win not just in Iraq but across the many fronts in
the war. The Petraeus Report is not just a summary of the success of the
surge, but also an opening to a return to serious conversation about the
stakes. This is why I am hoping the Adminstration is working long and hard
to figure out how to maximize the audience for the general.

Well, he's been compared to Patton, Creighton Abrams, and US Grant. I feel if any man has the credibility to speak the truth about the war to the American people, it will be Petraeus. Use him to full advantage Mr. Bush!
And Ralph Peters admits Petraeus looks like the miracle Iraq needed.