Thursday, August 23, 2007

5 Signs the Surge is a Success

Taken from an interview of General David Petraeus by Ralph Peters:

1). Violence in Baghdad and elsewhere is reduced by half from last year. The former Al Qaeda base of Anbar has seen attacks lately fall to 4 a week, down from hundreds.

2). The new strategy allows Al Qaeda in Iraq no reprieve. As soon as one city is cleared of insurgents, the troops follow them into the next stronghold.

3). The terrorists' former Sunni allies are breaking ranks, mainly from shock over Al Qaeda's extreme brutality against fellow Muslims. Petraeus is taking advantage of the Tribe's disillusionment by reaching out to our former enemies (though not the terrorists).

4). The General is giving Iraqi's free reign in rebuilding their country, both politically and materially. Rather than engaging in huge reconstruction projects with US contractors, the citizens are working to restore their own infrastructure.

5). Instead of keeping to themselves behind massive security barriers, US and Iraqi Troops now intermix with the populace, providing a greater sense of safety.