Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adios, Gonzales

Harold Hutchison says Gonzales was "Betrayed by the Right". I tend to agree, but I always wonder why in Washington it's dog eat dog when theoretically the politicians are working for the same boss, namely us!

It was amazing to see Bush stick up for the Attorney General, with words he seldom uses to defend his own reputation, like "months of unfair treatment" and "good name was dragged through the mud". The president takes attacks on his friends, whether justified or not, very personal, as we see. When Congress starts the mudslinging for whatever petty reason or on the scantiest of evidence, Bush digs in his heels and refuses to budge. Then, Cabinet members who have likely worn out their usefulness to the administration, such as Rummy, Gonzales, even Rove, stay around longer than they should. Because of all the partisanship, the attackers actually defeat their own purpose.

For instance, my 8 year old nephew has a habit of asking for something, then when I fail to concede to his whims immediately, he nags me about it. I warn him that the constant badgering makes me want to do what he asks even less, but he can't help himself, so we get nowhere until he gets yelled at. Both of us dig in our heels, much like Washington, too proud to bend a little.