Monday, August 27, 2007

Fighting the Government, Ignoring Terrorism

The Democrats wonder why Americans don't trust them on National Security. I mentioned something about this over the weekend with even Hillary conceding as much. Now they are calling for the Military to arrest the President, i.e. the Huffington Post is calling for a Coup (via Hot Air because I think the original post will likely disappear):

I ask General Pace to do two things. One is to relieve the
President of his command as Commander-In-Chief. The other is to place the
President under military arrest... Whatever the ultimate consequence, the impact
of such a courageous and noble act on behalf of his nation, would be

To the Left, treason is "courageous and noble". They will fight to the death at any hint, whether real or imaginary, the government is invading their so-called rights, but ask them to die for their country when it is seeking to salvage these rights from foreign attackers like the terrorists, and they get all holier than thou. Here is another such post from Salon, though not nearly as inflammatory, but on the same line:

I think the American people understand when someone is showing
cowardice, and I think they understand when someone is voting against his or her
principles, and they reward that with electoral losses. And they should reward
that with electoral losses.
So the fact that after the Iraq war vote in May,
when the Democrats capitulated to a president who's at 28 percent in the polls
pushing a war that's at 30 percent in the polls, the fact that the Congress'
ratings in the polls dropped by 15 percent in the next two weeks should have
been a signal to them that they should stop thinking about right and left and
start thinking about right and wrong.

The author starts off by saying the public considers the Democrats as "cowards". But his reasoning is because they don't stand up to Bush, not that they don't want to defend us from the attackers of 9/11, or win the Iraq War, which James Clyburn concedes "would be bad for us".

Until the Left realizes that to govern they must live in the real world, and "defend and protect" this country, not from dissenting political views ( which is what democracy really is, right?) but from real military threats, then they will continue to wonder why America has largely abandoned the Left since the Vietnam Era.