Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Consequences of Victory in the Surge

Most now realize the consequences of defeat in Iraq. Even the Liberal NY Times and Presidential wanabee Barak Obama have acknowledged genocide as a probable outcome were the US to withdraw prematurely from the conflict. What is often overlooked is the prospect of victory, and a wide-spread outbreak of peace if General Petraeus and his battle-hardened forces were to succeed in stabilizing the country:

1). A stable and prosperous Iraq with the best trained Army in the region and an inexperienced but dedicated democracy. Rather than supporting terrorism, or at best sympathetic to radical Islam as in the days of Saddam, the new nation has become a stalwart partner in the War on Terror.

2). Hope for the return of a pre-Revolutionary Iran. Such a transformation of Tehran’s rogue regime need not come by outside force. Much like the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, a “domino effect” of democracy could very well sweep the Middle East were it to succeed in Iraq.

3). The fulfilling of the hopes of the Camp David Accords. With Iran and Iraq on the side of the forces of freedom, and once again an ally rather than a rival, who would be left to support radical groups in Lebanon, Palestine, and elsewhere?

4). Radicalism in Europe would be tempered, if not ended altogether. This would transpire especially if the radicals base of support in the Middle East is defeated.

5). The Vietnam generation would be vindicated . Specifically that America can defeat a Third World counter-insurgency and it is possible for democracies to export freedom to those who never experienced it.

Admittedly, all this speculation is a best case scenario of a US win in the Middle East, but with global tragedy the likelihood of an early withdrawal, shouldn't we should hope for the best possible outcome?