Sunday, August 19, 2007

Goose Creek-FBI Cautions Against Common Sense

Apparently they say throw reality to the winds on this case of the 2 Muslim bomb suspects caught near the Charleston Naval Weapons Station:

The FBI is urging people not to jump to conclusions in the case of
two men accused of having pipe bombs in their car, saying the allegations may
not be true.
One former federal prosecutor said the agency's statement was
"highly unusual."

This whole case has been unusual, as the Feds are going to great lengths to distance themselves from using the "T" word. Lets review the facts as we know them:
  1. The 2 "Islamic" youths were caught speeding near the Goose Creek NWS, a military base that supports nuke subs and also imprisons terrorist suspects.

  2. They were said to possess a laptop computer which they tried to hide from police.

  3. The car contained elements to build a pipe bomb.

  4. The "naive youths" once lived in the same home of a convicted terrorist supporter SamiAl-Arian.

Hmmm...Maybe you're right FBI! I'll cleanse my mind of all this evidence and think happy thoughts!