Sunday, August 19, 2007

McCain's Comeback

Senator John McCain appears to be making a comeback of sorts in his presidential aspirations. Like our brave and brilliant troops on the frontlines he has so staunchly supported, the Senator is often considered down for the count, only to turn the table on his enemies. The Vietnam Vet and former POW has much going for his campaign, and also much in the negative.

In the minus, he supported Campaign Finance Reform, which many insists limits free speech and has given us this too-early election cycle. He also supported the recent so-called Amnesty Bill, which further placed McCain in the dog house for many Americans.

A plus is his support for finishing the struggle in Iraq, which may also work against the Senator as far as his friends in the MSM are concerned. McCain, along with Fred Kagan and General Jack Keane is the driving force behind the new Troop Surge, which seeks to bring peace and security to the embattled Middle Eastern nation.

If this new and risky strategy the Senator has staked his campaign on prove successful, and all indications point to this fact, might we not soon see a Free Iraq and a John McCain White House? If so, it would be the biggest comeback since the Truman Election of 1948.